K. Amelia Bates is an artist working full-time as the graphic artist for a nonprofit environmental news site based out of Seattle.

Her artwork is inspired by the natural and the supernatural. She lives in her home state of Wisconsin, and enjoys nature by volunteering at a local organic farm, going on walks with her dog, and seeking out any and every bit of nature she can find.


For freelance inquiries, email kameliabates@gmail.com

 Portrait by the talented  Helen Groom Poser .

Portrait by the talented Helen Groom Poser.



Fox skull / foxglove.

Tattoo design for a friend.

Study of a yellow garden spider.

Study of the "dirty dozen".

Tattoo design: garter snake and wildflowers.

The Page of Cups, drawn for a collaborative tarot art show at The Bubbler in Madison, WI.

Skull study in gouache.

Sandhill crane tattoo design.

Painting done for a family member.





Packaging illustrations for Avrom Farm.

T-shirt design for Boerson Farm.

Logo for the Neighborhood Flyways campaign at Seattle Audubon.

Wedding invitation for a close friend.

Icons for Avrom Farm.

T-shirt design for Boerson Farm.

Honey label for Boerson Farm.

Commissioned oyster painting